Best Persian Kitten,
Overall Persian
& Overall Best in Show
Chermicican Nardia (12 1) Mr. GW Sanders & Mrs S Sanders
Best Persian Adult Naboo Look Atme (70 12a6t) Mr ST Hannington & Mr PF Hardie
Best Persian Neuter Gr Pr Sheerbliss Chiquitita (70 12a1) Mr &Mrs J Clements
Best SLH Adult & Overall SLH Nicadaemus Mayfayre-Lady (13c2) Miss N Bailey
Best SLH Kitten Tassare Red Seren (64 41dw) Mrs S Lyle
Best SLH Neuter Pr Bluegems Believe-In-Me (66w) Mrs E Percival
Best British Adult Gr Ch Trubrit Marmight (21) Mr & Mrs JA & VJ Shepherd
Best British Kitten Trubrit Custard Cream (17) Mr & Mrs JA & VJ Shepherd
Best British Neuter & Overall British Gr Ch & Gr Pr Steelaway Samsara (22) Mrs J Steele
Best Foreign Adult Ch Jinnomni Drasnian Sakura (77) Miss F Sanderson
Best Foreign Kitten Nobilero Ruaidhri Seainin (84 31dt) Mrs A Hobson-Kelly
Best Foreign Neuter & Overall Foreign Silversmoke Eckstine (23) Miss LJ Scott
Best Burmese Adult & Overall Burmese Sup UK & Imp Gr Ch Mainman Kisschase (27) Mis J Mooney & Miss S Reid
Best Burmese Kitten Raweke Third Dimension (27c) Mrs C Drew
Best Burmese Neuter Ch & Gr Pr Rumba Charmeuse Supernova (27f) Mr JW & Mrs RG Burley
Best Oriental Adult Not Awarded  
Best Oriental Kitten Barbecco Peter Purrfect (29c) Mrs M Dawe
Best Oriental Neuter & Overall Oriental Imp Gr Pr Mylynn Magnifique (62 43s) Mrs K Holder
Best Siamese Adult & Overall Siamese Gr Ch Nathifa Gigalo (32 8) Mrs RL Smyth
Best Siamese Kitten Andalyn Angelica (24n) Mr & Mrs Johnstone
Best Siamese Neuter Imp Gr Pr Mafdet Macarthur (32 8) Mrs M Hutchings
Best Non Pedigree Pet & Overall Household Pet MC Pumpkin Mr JE & Mrs JD Emery
Best Pedigree Pet IGMC Louie Mrs D. Franklin


2012 Show

The 2012 Show was held on 3rd March at Fleming Park Leisure Centre, Eastleigh.
Pictures and results can be found here on the GCCF web site site.

2011 Show

The 47th Championship Show was held at on Saturday 5th March 2011.

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2010 Show